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TQC Hull Roughness Gauge

TQC has made the next evolutionary step in TQC hull roughness Gauge surveys. Surpassing the industrial standards with an easy 4-way directional operation. With an easy push button, graphical representations, storage of data in multiple batches and also survey reports in Microsoft Excel. The whole system fits into a small sized waterproof rugged casing. That is easy to carry on travel luggage and benefits your overseas travel plans.

Controlling the roughness of a ship’s hull plays an important role in the operating costs of a vessel. The roughness of a ship’s hull increases mainly due to corrosion, pitting, plate undulation, mechanical damage, dry spray and above all bio fouling. Proper maintenance and the correct application of high-end anti-fouling coatings reduce the hydrodynamic effects. And it also will lead to significant savings on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The gauge can measured during in-docking and out-docking.

The Hull Roughness Gauge measures the AHR value (Average Hull Roughness) of sea going vessels. AHR is vessel’s hull roughness readings, and the measure against ship’s correlated performance.

The TQC Hull roughness Gauge consists of a Control unit and a Sensor unit.
The unit easy to operate, only with one hand and a 4-way directional push button operates an intuitive menu on a large illuminated display. The neck strap keeps the users’ hands free when required.

Sensor equipped with three non-slip wheels, a carbide tipped stylus and is moved over the ship’s hull in a horizontal way collecting series of measurements. A set of LED’s indicate the status of the instrument so operation is possible without observing the control unit.

Available statistics, time/date and also location of each series. Control unitare will automatically calculated and stored the average hull roughness. Using the supplied USB-cable and software you instantly create inspection reports in Microsoft Excel. Available Your company logo and details incorporated stiles in your reports.

TQC Hull Roughness Gauge

TQC Hull Roughness Gauge

Simple to Use

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Accuracy+/- 5 µm / <2%
MemoryEnough for 4 complete surveys done both in- and out-docking, totally over 10.000 readings
Speed50 mm/s, with speed indication LED in the Sensor unit
InterfaceUSB serial to PC connection
Power4x AA Batteries included
Battery Lifetime20 hours with back light ON / 200 hours with back light OFF
  • Special care
    • Though robust in design, this instrument is precision-machined, so never drop it or knock it over
    • Remember always clean the instrument after use with a soft dry cloth.
    • Never clean the instrument by any mechanical means such as a wire brush or abrasive paper. This may cause, just like the use of aggressive cleaning agents, permanent damage.
    • Do not use compressed air or pressure water to clean the instrument.
    • Always keep the instrument in its case when not in use.
    • Annual calibration is recommended.

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