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TQC Paint Inspection Gauge According to ISO 2808 & DIN 50986 .

TQC Paint Inspection Gauge SP1100 Super PIG is a destructive precision tool for inspection and thickness measurement on single or multiple coats on virtually all substrates, including wood, plastics, metals etc. Also observes and measures substrate and film defects. Applies a small incision in the layer of paint, and uses an integrated microscope reticle. The SP1100 is a very stable instrument, also the integrated microscope has an excellent focus. The microscope is provided with a double scale (mm and inch) which allows you to calculate to micrometers and also mils. Reduce of ambient light because of a rubber end cap on the microscope so when observing through the microscope you will have a better focus upon the specimen.


PIG coating thickness

Super PIG Measure Range

Range               : 2 to 1800 microns / 0,1 to 70 mils

Microscope    : Magnification 50X (with graduation-scale)

Scale range     : 0,00 – 1,8 mm / 0,00 – 0,07 inch (rectilinear measured)

Variation         : Accuracy depends on chisel cut angle and users reading

Battery             : 4 x AG13/LR44

Material          : Titanium anodised aluminium

Width               : 25mm

Height              : 110mm

Length              : 65mm

TQC Destructive Paint Inspection Gauge Features:



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  • Made of Titanium anodised aluminum
  • Three knife sizes and one crosscut knife in one holder
  • Ergonomic design: revolving-system to change knives
  • Bright white LED lights ensure clear vision through the microscope
  • Small size eases use in corners
  • Engraved scaling (D-factor) for easy calculations


Scope of Supply


TQC Paint Inspection Gauge

PIG Destructive Inspection Gauge

  • Super Pig III destructive paint inspection gauge
  • Black marker
  • Knives 1, 2 and 4 (sp1111, SP1112, SP1116)
  • Hex diagonal wrench
  • Black leather case with belt clip



  • Firstly Mark the inspecting surface with a black line of approximately
  • After that place the Super PIG with its cutter behind the line and pull (without putting pressure on the gauge) the Super PIG across it, just cutting through the
  • Tilt the Super PIG and place the illuminated area at the intersection of the cut with the black
  • Look through the microscope and also turn the knob to focus on the inspection
  • Finally Read the graduation-scale and multiply the divisions with the D factor engraved on the Super PIG, depending on µm or mil

The PIG Destructive Paint Inspection suitable use in Automotive and Coating Industry, Construction/Building maintenance, Galvanize, Laboratory, and also Paint include Steel Protection field.

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TQC Sheen

What is TQC Sheen Our brand is known for innovative paint test equipment. TQC Sheen offers a wide variety of products. Including a range of wash ability testers, appearance meters, coating thickness gauges, automatic film applicators and bresle patches. All products are designed to meet the highest quality standards. QUALITY In  our brand line of business where quality is the keyword for our customers. We decided to have our organisation certified according the ISO 9001 standards by “Det Norske Veritas”. High quality products are supplied and maintained by our efficient organisation following well-structured procedures. And also always keeping the customers wishes in the first place! As part of Industrial Physics – a global packaging, product, and material test and inspection partner – we’re able to protect the integrity of manufacturers, production lines, and laboratories across a multitude of industries all over the world. We can help you to understand anything you need to know about your paints and surface coatings. The TQC Sheen name has been recognized as a leader in innovative paint test equipment since 1947. We make all kinds of testing devices. From washability testers, appearance meters and coating thickness gauges – through to automatic film applicators and bresle patches. PT. Cuanli Perkasa Jaya is one of TQC Sheen worldwide distributors located in Indonesia
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