TQC Digital Viscometer


Automatic Krebs Digital Viscometer

TQC Digital viscometer is widely used to measure the determination of viscosity in paints, coatings, inks, adhesives and pastes both in production process and laboratory quality control according to Krebs KU. The meter is both highly accurate and simple to use, making it suitable for research as well as production environment.

The Unit equipped with a clear display and easy for user to interface, that will ensure highly reproducible results in fully automatic measuring cycles.

Easy : The first KREBS Digital viscometer totally automatic. No need to lower any handle!

Instrument based on the traditional KREBS method: a constant unique speed (200 rpm) and also a unique rotating spindle. Micro processor converts automatically measurement that is displayed continuously in the select unit: KU, g o cP.

The DV1300 allows user to choose between 2 different operational, both manual and automatic mode. Manual Mode available user to choose any kind of container to perform measurements.

In Manual Mode, UP and DOWN keys move spindle to required position. Press START and STOP to begin with measurement and to stop rotation of motor. Automatic Mode allows to select and modify through keyboard 2 parameters: Sample Waiting Time -SWT (time in which spindle remains immersed in sample before rotation begins) and Sample Measuring Time –SMT- (rotation time of the spindle immersed in sample).

Standards: ASTM D1131, ASTM D562, ASTM D856

The VR3000 Viscometers, models V1 and V2, are rotational viscometers for the fast determination of viscosity as specified in ISO 2555 and other ASTM standards.

Instrument offers viscosity measurements which are 100% compatible with the Brookfield method and permits to carry out comparative measurements in accordance to recognized standards in quality control laboratories.


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