Who is CuanLi ?

CuanLi Perkasa Jaya PT is a global inspection instrument and testing tools distributor and supplier specialize in  blasting and coating industries. Incorporated in Batam Island – Indonesia on October 2017. We started as trading company in measuring, inspection and testing tools with test consumable products.

Our main products field is use to measure and test the surface preparation, before and during coating application, until finished coating inspection. Our branded products is according to International standard with the excellent quality, and already used in many industrial projects. Specially in Marine, Oil and Gas, Automotive, and also Aerospace industries.

With our extensive products range we are able to provide the appropriate products solution for your application inspection jobs.  

We are a growing company focuses in providing value products that helps our clients to achieve their business objectives. We also understand the need of our customer of high quality products demand to fulfill their production and jobs requirement. 

CuanLi Inspection Instrument for Corrosion Prevention


Cuanli WebPositector Inspection Kit


The main of corrosion problem can be extremely costly. Not only in production downtime, or lost output, but also caused compensation costs. We all agree the cost of corrosion is a waste of resources and investments in production. There for the proper, simple, and also excellent qualify inspection and testing products selection is critical. The proper products selection use for inspection in the coating in coating industry is critically important in steel structure. 

Selection the proper instrument and testing tools is also critical, because the accurate measurement will provide effective and efficiency in coating applying production. An efficiency of inspection instrument and testing products investment cost will influence the projects budgeting and progress.

We offers the testing  instrumentation for measurement and analyses coatings and general surface treatments. Our products are used across many industries ranging from coating manufacturing, infrastructure, automotive, marine, and also general production. Brands in this segment included ( DeFelsko, TQC Sheen, Testex, and also Chlor*Rid ) under our company. We are striving to be the best and most important is all the products quality accepted and according to International standards. Such as ASTM, ISO, DIN, Etc.

With our products extensive range, we are able to provides the appropriate solution for your application, and also safe your coating inspection instruments investment cost. For more products information, please view our category products and specific products. 

Please contact us if you have question, inquiry, or quotation requirement.