Temperature Gauge

What is Temperature Gauge?

Temperature GaugeTemperature Gauge a device use for the accurate measurement and also reading of temperature gradient. Temperatures is a physical quantity that expresses quantitatively the perceptions of hotness and also coldness. It is measure with a thermometer.

Thermometers are calibrated in various temperature scales that historically have relied on various reference points and thermometric substances for definition. The most common scales are the Celsius scale with the unit symbol °C (formerly called centigrade), the Fahrenheit scale (°F), and the Kelvin scale (K), the latter being used predominantly for scientific purposes. The kelvin is one of the seven base units in the International System of Units (SI).

Temperatures is one of the most important parameters in about every process. It is a physical property of matter that quantitatively expresses the common notions both of hot and cold. Objects of low temperature are cold, while various degrees of higher temperatures are refers to as warm or hot. Quantitatively, temperature is measures with thermometers, which may be calibrate to a variety of temperatures scales.

Temperatures Gauge scales

Worldwide the majority uses the Celsius scale (°C) for most temperatures measurements. It has the same incremental scaling as the Kelvin scale used by scientists, but fixes its null point, at 0°C = 273.15K, the freezing point of water. A few countries, most notably the United States, use the Fahrenheit scale for common purposes. A historical scale on which water freezes at 32 °F and boils at 212 °F.
Temperatures in the paint and coatings industry
In the paint and coatings industry there are many examples and applications where temperatures plays a key role.

Coating Curing

When coatings already apply, for aesthetic or functional reasons, to a manufactures product a critical step is that of curing the coating. In either a batch or continuous oven the requirement is to raise the product mass and its coating material to a specifies temperature and hold this temperature for a set time. Typical process times are designs to achieve 25 to 35 minutes at the threshold temperature to ensure a minimum time at the curing temperature of 20 minutes.

Typically the coating manufacturer supplies the time versus temperature specification for the coating materials which must be met to achieve its full performance. Under or over curing can lead to numerous quality problems, such as lack of adhesion, low impact resistance, poor surface finish etc. Reworking of a coated product is time consuming and troublesome; so getting it right every time is critical.

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