Hardness Test

What Is Hardness Test?

Hardness Test GaugeA hardness test is a method employing to measure the hardness of a material. Hardness refers to a material’s resistance to permanent indentation.

There are numerous techniques to measure hardness and each of these tests able to identify varying hardness values for a single material under testing. Hence, hardness test as a method can be dependent and each test’s outcome needs to be label to determine the kind of hardness test use.

The Hardness tests are extensively use a long time ago to characterize a certain material and also to identify if it is appropriate for its intends purpose. All hardness tests involve the utilization of a particularly shapes indenter that is harder than the material under testing. The indenter is pressing onto the test surface with the use of a certain amount of force. The size of the depth of the indent will measure in order to determine the hardness value.

Hardness tests are beneficial because:

The first is hardness test is easy to conduct, and results also can be obtain within 30 seconds.

Secondly the tests are relatively cost and also times effective.

Then the finish components can be subjects to testing without being damage.

Finally any shape and also surface size can be subjects to testing.

The major applications of hardness tests are to verify the type of heat treatment to be use on a part and to identify if a material possesses the requirement properties for its intends use. This makes hardness tests beneficial in industrial applications.

Hardness test Gauge.

The Hardness test gauge can be definition as a material’s resistance to indentation. Hardness testing is an important step in many industries around the world, including metals, fiberglass and plastics. Its often use before to certify quality of material, test repairs and also protect from coating failures.

The determination of the reactive resistance, the hardness of a surface of which a coating or alternative protective layer is provide.

Firstly with abrasion and scratch resistance there should be an explicit reference given to the hardness meant. Under the hard of the coatings is in general understood the impression value at which a deformation of the coating occurs. This is determination by pressing sharp or blunt stylus, depending on the material or coating, into the surface.

The second method to measure hardness” is the determination of rolling resistance of a coated surface. The equipment require is using spheres that find resistance during the rolling movement on the test surface i.e. Pendulum hardness. The degree of hardness determines on the number of movements by a pendulum roller experiencing resistance during this process.

Other types of hardness-test are, Barcol Impression, Shore A-D, Scalerometer and Wolf-Wilburn pencil scratch resistance determination and Persoz or Konig pendulum hardness testers.

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