Chlor Rid

Who is Chlor Rid

CHLOR RID are manufactures surface decontamination and also passive products. Along with a full line of salt testing kits, and also provides the technical support to maximize their effectiveness.

Surface Cleanliness is ESSENTIAL to Coating Performance. That why Chlor Ride provide a time use of test kit such as abrasive, water, CSN, and also Chlotest Kit.

Chlor Rid Measuring Surface Salts – Conductivity vs Ion Specific.

Testing and identifying residual surface salts is an integral part of proper surface preparation. Their removal is pivotal to the long-term performance of industrial coatings. Consequential risk reduction translates to lower life-cycle costs. Two commercial field methods are discusses to provide the user guidance on the method most suit to identifying the presence of salts where salt contamination is suspect.

Monetizing the Risk of Coating Failure.

Coatings can fail because of soluble salt contamination remaining on the substrate after surface preparation. This article discusses methods of salt removal and the importance of good surface preparation specifications. A case history reveals the possible costs of a coating failure from salt contamination.

Pipe Line Corrosion Protection.

Corrosion protection by coatings for water and wastewater pipelines is the implementation of a well-balance cycle of four equally important elements. Specifying and using a proper coating system. Proper surface preparation for the coating system, proper application of the coating system, and also quality inspection of the coating system. This paper discusses the details of this concept, together with a comprehensive review on various coating systems. And different surface preparation requirements for steel, ductile iron, and concrete pipes in water and wastewater applications.

PT. Cuanli Perkasa Jaya is one of Chlor Rid worldwide distributors in Indonesia.

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