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TQC Film Applicator

Bird-type Film Applicators, 4-sided

TQC Bird-type film applicator with flat edges. Four application sides for applying 4 different pre-defined thicknesses. The TQC Bird-type applicator is available in film width from 50, 60, 75, 80, 100 and 150mm. That suitable for applying a host of different products onto flat and relatively solid substrates. The high-grade stainless steel will resist affected by acid or base elements.

The wet film thickness is dependent on both the solids and vehicle content of the wet material or other factors. Film thickness deposited may vary from 40% to 80% of the actual gate clearance of the TQC Bird-type film applicator.

Through hardening versus Case-hardening or surface hardening.

Through-hardening means the metal uniformly is hardened throughout the piece. Case- or surface (face / frame) hardening only hardens the top layer of the metal. Once the top layer is degraded excessive wear and tear will occur on the product limiting its life time and affecting accuracy.

TQC Film Applicator Types

Applicator types come as Bird, Baker, Wire Bar, Micrometer Casting Knife, Sag and Leveling, Stap Gap, Quadruplex, Octoplex, Hand Proofer etc..

Applicators vary in width, single or multiple gap, clearance in either microns or mils, hight adjustable or not, or wired in different sizes. The theoretical applied wet film thickness is roughly one-half the actual gap clearance. If you have a gap clearance of 60 micron, the theoretical wet film thickness etched on the bar applicator is 30 micron. Due to the many variables the drawdown is not guaranteed to the theoretical film thickness. Actually a variation of 50 to 90% in film thickness is possible depending on gap clearance. If the applicator is used manually variables in speed and movement can cause an uneven drawdown. In these cases we strongly recommend you an automatic film applicator.


Select the gap-side and place this side of the  applicator on a plane smooth surface such as a glass plate. Apply a sample of paint in the centre of the TQC Film applicator near the opening. Draw down the film applicator over the surface. Due to physical reasons the max. film attainable wet film thickness is not equal to the gap depth. Deposited film thickness may vary from 40% to 80% of the clearance/gap depth. Dry film thickness will be lower than wet thickness due solvent/water evaporation.

TQC Birth Type Film Applicator






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