Rugotest TQC



TQC Rugotest 3

Rugotest no. 3

Comparison standard for blasted surfaces consisting of both 6 examples of grit-blasting and also 6 examples of shot-blasting. The method complies with ASTM D 4417/A, and also supplied with a case.

Surface finish specimens for testing surface roughness by the sight and touch method.

Registered design L.C.A. – C.E.A.

Rugotest TQC Comparation






The Sight and Touch method

The assembled specimens is to represent, for the most commonly-used machining methods. The limiting values of surface finish quality arranged in a geometrical progression in accordance with factor 2.

These among chosen value recommended for the criterion “Ra” in the both ISO standards 2632/I-1975 and 2632/II-1977.

Experience shows that the method of comparing a machined surface with a known sample, by sight and touch, enables the quality of the finish of this surface to be estimated with remarkable accuracy.

The remotest method is particularly convenient when specifying surface finish for components which feature in sub-contracting arrangements, sales contracts, etc.

The samples supplied are for use only in sight and touch comparisons, not as references for calibrating surface finish measuring instruments of any type.

Although the Rugotest is a simple and inexpensive tool, the reliability of the results it provides makes it highly useful at the levels of any manufacturing industry.

When opened, the left-hand page gives the most important information for the design office, the workshop and the classroom, as well as a summary of the relevant ISO standards for surface finish and the graph showing the relationship between production cost and surface finish.