Pencil Hardness Test TQC



TQC Pencil Hardness Test according Wolff Wilborn provides in a simple method to test the scratch hardness of coatings. We use pencils in a range of 6B to 8H hardness-grade for this test. With constantly pressure on pencil will moved scratching over the surface under a 45° angle. Afterward an optical assessment is carried out to see which pencil hardness damages the surface. Delivered with a set of 20 Koh-i-noor pencils and also a pencil sharpener.

Pencil Hardness Test acc. Wolff Wilborn

The models differ in load on the pencil tip (in grams). This differs per standard. See also ‘Order Information’.

The purpose of scratch hardness tests is to determine the resistance of coating materials or lacquers to scratch effects on the surface. This test is of particular value for furniture or vehicle lacquers, but is also a useful aid in the development of synthetic resins or other film forming materials.

Scratch hardness generally measured by moving a sharp object under a known pressure over the test surface. The result may either be the value of the pressure required to scratch through the test material if a scratching tool of constant hardness is used, or the hardness of the scratching tool is varied while constant 750 g pressure is applied.

  • Twenty pencils from grade 9B to 9H are used with a standard holder
  • Pencils are moved over the surface under a fixed pressure and also a fixed angle to ensuring the least amount of operator error
  • Pencils can be easily exchanged to minimize down time during the test.


Pencil Hardness Test


Model 750g – Art. No. VF2378

Most commonly used.
Complies with: ISO 15184, ASTM D3363, JIS K-5600, ECCA-T4-1, BS 3900-E19, SNV 37113, SIS 184187, NEN 5350, MIL C 27 227, also EN 13523-4.


Model 500 g -Art. Nr. VF2379

There is no standard applicable however the film industry and the LCD industry have their own standard (regulation) to inspect with the load of 500g based on the text of JIS-K560.

Pencil Hardness Test 750+1000 GramModel 750g and 1000g – Art. No. VF2377

Special version with two weights
Complies with: ISO 15184, ASTM D3363, JIS K-5400, JIS K-5600, ECCA-T4-1, BS 3900-E19, SNV 37113, SIS 184187, NEN 5350, MIL C 27 227, EN 13523-4


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