TQC Magnetic Surface Thermometer



TQC Magnetic Surface Thermometer

Magnetic Surface Thermometer For Surface Temperature

TQC Magnetic Surface Thermometer specialize design for measuring the surface temperature of steel or other ferrous objects. What you need in firstly is only placed the thermometer on ferrous metal substrates with the strong magnet on the back, and thermometer will stick on steel surface.. Finally the surface temperature will read out in both °C and °F.

TQC Magnetic Surface Thermometer measures surface temperature in Celcius and also fahrenheit.

The Measuring Range is -10°C to + 70°C or equally +14°F to +60 °F, with diameter of the thermometer is 65 mm. Its also can be used in vacuum, no plastic parts on the outside of the thermometer.

TQC Magnetic Thermometer for surface temperature come with genuine leather pouch with belt-clip also.

Surface Thermometer

TQC-Magnetic with clip

Magnetic Thermometer






Coating industry, blasting works, galvanizing, laboratory, painting, shipbuilding industry, and also metal protection etc.


Material                                    : SST case with silver (°C) and black (°F) readable scale.

Diameter                                  : 65mm

Height                                      : 25mm

Magnetic area                         : 35mm

User Manual

Just attach the magnetic thermometer on the ferrous surface.

Then the magnet creates a strong connection with the steel surface, and allowed the thermometer to acclimatize with the substrate for some time before it is read. After that read the temperature and also use it for registration or to assist in determining the dew point.

The dew point can be traced using the optional dew point calculator, and a relative humidity meter, please see options below.

TM0040                 TQC Dewpoint Calculator

TM0081                  Sling Psychrometer

RV2000                 ST-321 electronic thermohygrometer

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