TQC Gloss Meter



TQC Gloss Meters

The TQC Gloss meter designed for measure of gloss levels on any flat surface in fast, and also simple accurate .

Whether it be paper, paint, plastic, and wood or any other material appearance. Without special training or skills requirement, only place the gauge, then press the scan button and read the values.

Template options can also provide non-flat surfaces and small test areas

Surface Glossy Kit

TQC Gloss Meter

Gloss Meter Duo

Poly Gloss

DUO Gloss






Three models are available:


The 60° singe-angle instrument TQC SOLOGLOSS meter range is preferred for measurements in the semi-gloss range. Suitable for most applications. Light source and detector are positioned under an angle of 60° from the surface to be measured.



The TQC-Duo glossmeter is a versatile instrument that combines the both 20° and 60° angle into one gloss meter. The 20° angle is ideal for measurements in the high-gloss area while the 60° covers the semi-gloss range.



The best of the TQC -Gloss meter range is the triple angle instrument PolyGloss. Besides a 20° and 60° measuring angle the TQC PolyGloss is also equipped with a 85° measuring angle thus covering the entire gloss-spectrum .

The 85° is for low gloss levels ( high diffuse reflection ) or mat surfaces.*

TQC Gloss Meter is Precision-engineering

In order to get the best stability the TQC Gloss meter’s unique double hybrid frame system has been engineered with the highest precision.

With carefully controlling the interior of the light patch could helps to give the TQC Gloss meter robust and stable structure.

Quality guaranteed

To assess the quality of the TQC Glossmeter we took thousands of readings on certified substrates to test stability, reliability also durability. Even with or without shock testing, the TQC Glossmeter proved to have the ultimate level of performance.


  • Available memory for 2000 gloss readings (max 8 batches)
  • Adjustable gloss limits with visual and acoustic alarm
  • illuminated high-contrast OLED Display with wide viewing angle
  • Menu-driven interface
  • Stable LED-light source
  • USB-B port for quick data transfer to PC
  • Calibration gloss standard integrated in protective holder