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Dewpoint Meter – Dewcheck 4 Series 2

High-end industrial sensors combined with sophisticated calibration procedures surely guarantee the highest accuracy for extreme long terms.

TQC DewCheck 4 – Dew Point Meter (DPM) is an extremely versatile dewpoint meter to measure and record all climate parameters required to treat surfaces. It is easy to use, and robust dewmeter conforms to ISO 8502-4 & ASTM D3276-07. TQC Dew-Check 4 measures the relative humidity (%RH), ambient temperature (Ta), surface temperature (Ts), calculates the dewpoint temperature (Td). It also measure difference between dewpoint temperature and the surface temperature (ÄT). The difference between the surface temperature and dewpoint temperature indicates the optimal climate conditions for painting. All parameters can be stored in memory, and tagged with a date and time.

For communication between DewCheck 4 dew point meter and a PC the DewCheck dew meter USB cable is standard supplied. To analyze the data the DewCheck 4 comes with the special Ideal Finish Analysis software. This software is the most advanced temperature and humidity monitoring software package for Dew-point Meters available today. It offers user friendly reporting functions for standard production work as well as advanced calculations for in depth analysis of the climate parameters prior to coating. The detailed graphic representations and custom reports help to make the right decisions.

Dew Point Meter Features

DewCheck4 is simple, durable, accurate, versatile, flexible

– The one hand operation of DewCheck4, to ensure one hand free for the operator.
– DewCheck 4 has an easy menu-driven user interface in the language of your choice.
– Clear illuminated display of DewCheck4 shows all 5 parameters in one glance including battery status.

TQC DewCheck 4 Series 2 Dewpoint meter (DPM)
Supplied in leather pouch with USB-cable, Ideal Finish Analysis Software (download), calibration certificate and English, Spanish, German or French manual.



  • RH Relative Humidity
  • TS Temperature surface
  • TA Temperature Air (ambient)
  • TD Temperature Dewpoint
  • TΔ Temperature Delta (difference between TS and TD)
  • Time of storage
  • Date of storage
  • Limits

Dewcheck 4 available adjusts according to specific application, and limits can be set for each parameter. At different locations in the gauge menu-structure the operator can choose to switch limits ON or OFF or change the settings of the limits. Exceeding a limit will lead to a loud acoustic signal plus an Alarm Symbol will occur in the display behind the parameter(s) that exceeded its limit. Limits are downloaded to the PC-software and shown in the reports as well. So once set right you can forget about your application specs. Dewcheck 4 keeps them in mind for you.


Response-time is an issue with every instrument that measures climatic conditions. Time consuming procedures like with the sling- psychrometer and mechanical thermometers are the past. However it is a fact that each instrument needs time to acclimatize before it show correct values. Dewcheck 4 is equipped with an automatic “Trend Indicator”! The “Trend Indicator” shows a little arrow with each parameter indicating whether the value is still rising or falling. No arrow means it has stabilized. Just another feature to keep it simple….


A choice of time and date notations are available to suit the needs of users all over the world. Make your choice between (Day – Month – Year), (Month – Day – Year) or (Year – Month – Day). Time can be either the 24.00 hours clock or AM/PM notation.


Log Manual:

  • Use the DewCheck digital dewpoint gauge as handheld data logger.
  • Take reading as usual and store complete data sets* with the push of a button.
  • Data sets can be divided over 8 different batches which can be named by the operator.
  • No more notebooks and hassle in the field. Just download the data in your computer using the dedicated evaluating software.

Log Interval:

  • Use the log-interval mode when measurements has to be taken during absence of the operator or when continuous recording is required.
  • DewCheck4 digital dewpoint meter stores datasets automatically at a pre-set interval.


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