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Dew Point Calculator

TQC Dew Point calculator is a handy tool to determine dew point temperature based upon the measurements from sling psychrometer also available in Celsius / Fahrenheit converter.

The simple calculator for determining the dew point and relative humidity using the measurements, carried out with a Slinger psychrometer (measured in the wet / dry bulb principle) or an Electronic Temperature and Relative Humidity meter.


  1. If a sling psychrometer, so called wet- dry bulb temperature is being
    • Determine the dew point by putting the dry bulb temperature (upper white scale 1) against the wet bulb temperature (upper black scale).
    • Read the dew point in the window 2 against the earlier determined wet bulb
  1. If an electronic Temperature and Humidity meter is being used.
    • Determine the dew point by putting the black arrow on the lower scale 4 (Relative Humidity % RH) against the measured RH value in the
    • Focus on the measured temperature at scale 3 and read the dew point on the lower black scale (Dew Point).

For Example:

Dry bulb temperature:


Wet bulb temperature:


Dew point:


Relative humidity:


Dew Point Calculator












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