CSN Test Kit Chlor*Rid



Chloride/Sulfate/Nitrate Ion Tests for Surfaces

Most specifications do not address sulfates or nitrates, because there has never been a sulfate or nitrate field test kit before, and Now, there is available a complete test kit that can tests all three salts.

Chloride CSN Test Kit

Chlor*Test CSN


Offers the specifier to the availability of trouble-free performance testings in the field, for chlorides, sulfates, and also nitrates with one extraction.

The CHLOR*TEST “CSN Salts” uses an unique patented extract solution called, CHLOR*EXTRACTº, to retrieve surface salt contamination. This special extract enhances retrieval rates, thereby surely will increasing accuracy. The greater the retrieval rate surely will get more accurate the test results.

Surface sampling is simplified by use of the patented CHLOR*SLEEVE® . The test sampling not only can be done on overhead, vertically, but also horizontally or any angle with this device.

With only one time use components surely will eliminated Cross contamination from test to test

  • No conversion chart required since all the test results are measured directly in parts per million.
  • Parts per million readings are a 1 to 1 ratio to micrograms per square centimeter, therefore no mathematical calculations are necessary.

A New Generation of Test Kits

EPA compliant – No need to select a low or high range because Meters range is 0-100ppm with auto ZEROING.

Digital direct readings with a large 3-1/2 digital display incorporating low-battery warning.

European CE Mark of compliance for electromagnetic compatibility and also safety.

Just in minutes count to achieved quantitative. Each kit contains (5) individual tests with new refill kits available.

CHLOR*TEST® “CSN” SALTS kit is the most recommended for surface testing field likes:

Mining facilities, Ships, Marine structures, Storage tanks, Cooling towers, Pipe lines, Power plants, Offshore rigs, Petrochemical plants, Pulp and paper mills, Steel fabrication, and also Electronics


The revolutionary new method for testing salt contamination is the most accurate field test on the market today.

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