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Field testing for chlorides by both qualitative and quantitative methods is common and the threshold for acceptable levels is dropping, but the cumbersome methods for testing have remained the same – until now!

CHLORIDE TEST – the accurate way to perform chloride field testing – revolutionizing the industry

The Test Kit is so complete and easy to use that even the least experienced inspector can get accurate results. Imagine, a field test that is easy to use, yet more reliable than any other method of testing.

CHLOR*TEST developed for easy and practical to use. It is also to prevent both outside and cross contamination. The components are pre-measured to ensure accurate results in parts per million and also micrograms per square centimeter. In addition, no temperature correction is needed for 41 deg. F to 176 deg. F. Field test inspectors around the world use this innovative product with confidence on virtually any surface at any angle.

The Test Kit uses a unique patented extract solution, CHLOR*EXTRACT™, to retrieve surface chloride contamination. In the field, this special extract enhances retrieval rates, thereby increasing accuracy. The greater the retrieval rate, the more accurate the test results.

When specifications require consistent, safe and reliable test results for chloride contamination, use CHLOR*TEST. Each kit contains five (5) individual tests. The test kit designed to be used not only on vertical, horizontal but also overhead surfaces.

Since 1992, CHLOR*RID International, Inc. has earned the reputation of a world leader in soluble salt testing and removal while satisfying the most aggressive requirements in the protective coatings industry.

CHLOR*TEST is so revolutionary, an inspector will never need:

  • Deionized water
  • Latex gloves
  • A Calculator
  • Measuring devices
  • Working containers
  • Conversion charts
  • Reagent chemicals

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