Abrasive Test Kit



CHLOR*TEST Abrasive Test Kit

Chloride Ion Test for Abrasives

Many coatings have failed from chlorides deposited on a surface by contaminated abrasive. Finally, there is a test that you can do in the field in minutes! No need sending samples to a laboratory, safe time and  also safe cost!

Abrasive Test Kit CHLOR*TEST “A” is the only complete and easy to use abrasive test kit – even the least experienced tester can get accurate results.

abrasive test

Chlor*Test A

abrasive container test

Abrasive In Container

abrasive test measure

Measure Abrasive Chloride








A self contained, accurate, and also reliable test kit. CHLOR*TEST “A” provides results in minutes.

When specifications require consistent, safe, reliable testing of abrasives, use CHLOR*TEST A. Each kit contains four (4) individual tests.

CHLOR*TEST A uses ASTM D4940 principals, but offers the additional value of chloride ion specific measurements.

Not Only contamination from test to test but also cross contamination could eliminated through one time use of individual test.  The individual component is pre-measured to ensure accurate results in parts per million. In additional no temperature correction require for temperature from 41ºF to 176ºF. Use this innovative product confidently with any abrasive.

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