Temperature is one of the most important parameters in about every process. It is a physical property of matter that quantitatively expresses the common notions both of hot and cold. Objects of low temperature are cold, while various degrees of higher temperatures are referred to as warm or hot. Quantitatively, temperature is measured with thermometers, which may be calibrated to a variety of temperatures scales.

Temperatures scales

Worldwide the majority uses the Celsius scale (°C) for most temperatures measurements. It has the same incremental scaling as the Kelvin scale used by scientists, but fixes its null point, at 0°C = 273.15K, the freezing point of water. A few countries, most notably the United States, use the Fahrenheit scale for common purposes. A historical scale on which water freezes at 32 °F and boils at 212 °F.

Temperatures in the paint and coatings industry

In the paint and coatings industry there are many examples and applications where temperatures plays a key role.

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