Hardness Test

What Is Hardness Test

Hardness test can be defined as a material’s resistance to indentation.
Hardness testing is an important step in many industries around the world, including metals, fiberglass and plastics. Its often used to certify quality of material, test repairs and protect from coating failures.

The determination of the reactive resistance, the hardness of a surface of which a coating or alternative protective layer is provided.

Firstly with abrasion and scratch resistance there should be an explicit reference given to the hardness meant. Under the hard of the coatings is in general understood the impression value at which a deformation of the coating occurs. This is determined by pressing sharp or blunt stylus, depending on the material or coating, into the surface.

The second method to measure hardness” is the determination of rolling resistance of a coated surface. The equipment required is using spheres that find resistance during the rolling movement on the test surface i.e. Pendulum hardness. The degree of hardness determines on the number of movements by a pendulum roller experiencing resistance during this process.

Other types of hardness-test are, Barcol Impression, Shore A-D, Sclerometer and Wolf-Wilburn pencil scratch resistance determination and Persoz or Konig pendulum hardness testers.

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