Appearance is the common situation where surface influences meet visual differences in perception both of gloss and color. The impact of different gloss levels does have a great influence on a product as well on its color.  Gloss measuring is often to assessed the surface quality of a coated surface  . Poorly applied coatings or cured paints will show a variety of gloss levels.
Different focuses
Gloss terms are divided in two different groups:

First is Focus on the reflected image of an object on the surface
The other is Focus on the illuminated surface of an object Focus on reflected image is further divided

Visual Perception
The visual perception of color changes under influence of gloss. In order to match the color of a product has to be:

Compared by visual means like RAL, NCS or similar standards, or viewed under different light sources in a color-matching booth, or measured using Spectrophotometers .

Color depends on three objective aspects:

Spectral-composition (light)
Spectral-reflectance (reflection)
Spectral-response of the eye

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